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Founded in New York, and fabricated in both NYC and LA, Mana Made is a jewelry brand created by designer and metal smith, Amanda “Mana “ Paulsen. The jewelry is sustainably made, utilizing recycled metals and small-batch production processes. Each piece is handcrafted and unique, reflecting Mana’s love of simplicity, as well as her coastal roots, having grown up on Long Island’s East End, which fostered her innate connection to nature, the sand, and the sea.

              THE DESIGNER 

Native New Yorker, Amanda ‘Mana’ Paulsen began making jewelry during her time living in Southern California. Amidst the palm tree lined coast and sun filled days a passion project was born. Fast forward a decade, she found herself back in NYC working in the business side or the arts mostly for museums and a few local arts nonprofits. Inspired by both the works of artists and artists themselves encountered in artist residency programs, she set out on her own creative path to explore the art of metalsmithing and design. After apprenticing under experts in the jewelry field at several NYC based community metal arts studios, the first collection was made. And soon to follow was the brand ‘Mana Made’, which is now produced in both NYC and LA.                                                                                                         

Mana lives in NYC and travels back to southern CA frequently to work with her production partner in DTLA and participates in several west coast shows each year. Read more about the designer's roots and connection to New York City's creative community in this NYTimes feature and her design process that also draws from time spent living and traveling back to the west coast in an interview with SHOUTOUT LA.                                                                                                                                                                               



Bluegrass 'Bluey' is Mana Made's one and only employee, specializing in security and delivery services. 

If you are a customer or retailer located within walking distance of our home studio in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, you can make an appointment to stop by to pick up your order and meet us in person!