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Thin Cuff Bracelet in Gold

  • $98.00

Simple thin cuff bracelet made from 14K gold fill:

  • Hand cut and formed 
  • Available in a smooth lightly polished or hammered/textured finish
  • Slightly flexible (can squeeze in or out to make smaller/larger)
  • Perfect to wear on its own for a minimal look or stacked


    • x-small: approximately 5 1/4” (best for adults with small wrists and kids)
    • small: approximately 5 1/2” 
    • medium: approximately 5 3/4” (fits most)
    • large: approximately 6” 
    • Custom sizes also available (please note size request at checkout)


    • Smooth: lightly polished smooth natural finish
    • Hammered: lightly hammered/textured finish (each bracelet is hammered by hand so the textured finish varies slightly, making each unique)

    Each bracelet has about 1" of space to make it easy to take on/off and adjust to a slightly smaller/larger size

    About gold filled: This metal option is a great alternative to solid gold - its much more affordable compared to solid gold jewelry and more durable than gold plated jewelry. (Gold filled means that there is a 14K solid thick gold coating bonded over base metal. Unlike gold plated the gold will not wear off and is resistant to tarnish and perfect for long-term everyday wear.)