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Medium Cuff Bracelet

  • $60.00

Medium cuff bracelet (slightly thicker than the thin cuff bracelet) available in the following styles and sizes: 


  • Brass
  • 14K Gold Filled
  • 14K Rose Gold Filled


  • Smooth: lightly polished smooth natural finish
  • Hammered: lightly hammered/textured finish (each bracelet is hammered by hand so the textured finish varies slightly, making each unique)


        • x-small: approximately 5 1/4” with a 1” (best for adults with small wrists and kids)
        • small: approximately 5 1/2” 
        • medium: approximately 5 3/4” (fits most)
        • large: approximately 6” 

        Each bracelet has about 1" of space to make it easy to take on/off and adjust to a slightly smaller/larger size

        Bracelets are hand forged and slightly flexible (can squeeze in or out to make smaller/larger). Perfect to wear on its own for a minimal look or stacked.

         About gold filled: This metal option is a great alternative to solid gold - its much affordable compared to solid gold and more durable than gold plated.  (Gold filled means that there is a 14K solid thick gold coating bonded over base metal. Unlike gold plated the gold will not wear off.)